The Plight Of Cecil by Carla Rhodes #TOFF – Jul 2015

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Title (English Title): The Plight Of Cecil
Director: Ed Hellman
Length: 7:41
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2014
Country: United States

Logline: THE PLIGHT OF CECIL stars ventriloquism dummy Cecil Sinclaire, a cantankerous vaudeville talent agent and ventriloquist Carla Rhodes, his reluctant assistant. This dark kid’s show for adults shows a glimpse into Cecil’s antiquated, absurd office full of characters such as a live dove secretary, Victrolas, goofy product placement, salt water taffy, songs, plenty of jokes, and potential clients auditioning. Dark undertones deepen and develop, suggesting something sinister is beneath the fun, candy coated surface. A perfect surface description is, “It’s as if The Shari Lewis Show and Pee Wee’s Playhouse were produced by the love child of Lucille Ball and directed by David Lynch!”

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