Slightly Dramatic by Jeff Scot Carey #TOFF – Aug 2015

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Title (English Title): Slightly Dramatic
Director: Jeff Scot Carey
Length: 10:00 (first episode)
Genre: Comedy, Mockumentary
Year: 2014
Country: USA

Logline: Where “The Office”… meets “Guffman”… meets “Glee”… After years of waiting, West Covina Central Middle School is finally opening the doors of its Drama Department. And when Emily Jordan is hired away from Lone Cactus Preparatory to oversee their inaugural school year, some students are thrilled, and some teachers are dubious. From the documentary team at KVCR Public Broadcasting in San Bernardino, comes the slightly true story of slightly epic proportions in the most compelling human interest story of the new century. Slightly Dramatic: It’s prodigious. It’s anthropological. It’s jazz hands.

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