O -The Movie by Frank Aron Gårdsø #TOFF – Jul 2015

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Link: https://vimeo.com/129295433
Title (English Title): O -The Movie
Director: Frank Aron Gårdsø
Length: 29:00
Genre: Horror, Suspense
Year: 2015
Country: Norge

Logline: Four friends are on a hiking trip into the deep midst of a forest. While filming the trip they accidentally lose one of their cell phones. In search of the lost phone they discover a mysterious black hole in the ground. Curious and puzzled by this newly discovered hole, they decide to explore it, which leads to a dramatic chain of events.

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  1. Nice film. I like it

  2. Perfect film
    Perfect actors
    Perfect cameraman

  3. Like a tsumani, this short film had successfully impressed me about how a tiny hole could frighteningly gobbled up “everything”. It intentionly made out the point of the foolish behaviors could take away our lives. It’s worthy to see, before you become the next victim. Watch out your phone! 😉

  4. great short horror movie a la Norway!!

  5. very good

  6. Excellent film Frank, well done! ~Terry

  7. I like this movie!!!

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