Night Breach by Kimberly Stewart & Marius Van Straaten #TOFF – Nov 2015

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Title (English Title): Night Breach
Director: Kimberly Stewart & Marius Van Straaten
Length: 6 minutes 49 seconds
Genre: Documentary
Year: Filmed in 2011, Completed in November 2014
Country: Filmed in South Africa, edited in England

Logline: Under cover of darkness, Kimi Stewart and her team set out to photograph a breaching White shark in False Bay, South Africa. This unique behaviour can be observed every winter, when young seal pups venture into the ocean. Most seal predations occur during the twilight hours, and it is thought that the low-lying sun helps depict the seal’s shadow against the surface, whilst allowing the shark to remain camouflaged in the dark waters below. Curiously however, night-time breaches have been observed along the Eastern coast. Could city lights, moonlight, or bioluminescence provide enough light for the sharks to hunt? Back in False Bay, and equipped with fashion photography lights, Kimi, Hendre, Marius and Morne go in search of a night-time breaching White shark. *The shoot took place in 2011, edited and finished in 2014.

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