Manganiyars, Tales of the Thar desert by Nicolas Gauthier #TOFF – Nov 2015

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Title (English Title): Manganiyars, Tales of the Thar desert
Director: Nicolas Gauthier
Length: 50:51
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2015
Country: Spain

Logline: For the last 300 years, a caste of Muslim nomads has been gathering the most important skilled musicians as well as those related to the folk singing of the west side of India. Well known in the whole of Rajasthan for the liveliness of their music the Manganiyars possess an immense repertoire of profane and religious songs, Hindus as well as Sufi, which covers from the epic poem up to poetry of pure philosophical abstraction. What you are going to see and listen to will be narrated by our friend, the singer Manganiyar Mame Khan.

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