Glen’s Village by Dorian Geiger #TOFF – Sep 2015

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Title (English Title): Glen’s Village
Director: Dorian Geiger
Length: 00:32:12
Genre: Documentary, Urban Education, Psychological Trauma, Social Justice
Year: 2015
Country: United States

Logline: “From the hood to the Ivy League” Glen Casey was born and raised in a world of drugs and violence. But with the help of counselors, mentors, teachers — and most of all, a mother who never quit on him — he’s now a University of Pennsylvania sophomore. “Glen’s Village” immerses viewers in University City and West Philadelphia. Although only separated by a few blocks — the two neighborhoods are galaxies apart in reality. From selling crack cocaine on the streets in grade nine to attending an Ivy League school, Glen’s journey is filled with bumps, bruises & redemption. The film probes the impact of trauma, particularly in children, an angle explored through the lens of the city’s constantly evolving urban narrative.

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  1. Great job Dorian

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